*URT Family Member Of The Week**

This weeks member of the week is Ainne Hickey!
Ainne originally became a PT client of mine almost 12 months ago after losing a bit of weight on Michelle Bridges but her weight loss had plateaued and was run down as well as fatigued.
I knew I could help her as these online programs are usually low calorie, low carb and are not set up for safe long term weight loss.
So we set a goal for her to drop quite a few kilos before she went home to Canada for Christmas holidays. First we had to rebuild her metabolism for a couple months while she gained strength in the mean time.

Ainne put her whole faith in me and was very patient while we stuck to the plan.

By the time came to go home she had hit her goal and then some.
Since then she has shifted goals to gain strength with Ainne just recently smashing the 100kg deadlift mark!
Now she is switching goals again for a new challenge of Iron Rose.
She is one of the most driven and disciplined clients I have ever had (when she wants to be :)). I feel very lucky to have had her a part of URT for so long, and now she has her partner Dom training with Kerrin as well.
Ainne has fully embraced the healthy lifestyle and having her around, she brings so much positive energy and enthusiasm to the place.

Well done on your 12 kg loss Ainne.

Really looking forward to seeing what you achieve over the next few months with your new challenge!