Ok this member was a bit of a surprise for me, but very satisfying to see.

When I first met Kylie Goodacre at the sign on day for the current 12 week challenge I wasn’t sure how good she was going to go. I got the feeling she was a bit defensive so sometimes that can go either way. But as the camp went on I asked the trainers how she was going and no bad news! smile emoticon

As the weeks went on I did a few more camps when I could and couldn’t believe

1. How much more positive and truly happy she seemed! And also

2. How much her body had changed!

I rarely saw her without a smile on her face even after training.

Kylies wholesale changes with her mindset and her body have truly made me happy to see, I love seeing an underdog get up and that’s what I see with her.

We don’t have any before and after photos to put up, or any weight loss or measurements, hopefully Kylie can let us know about her results in a bit more detail.

You’re a legend Kylie, really happy to see your changes, it really is a great reminder to see that what we do is not all about weight loss but how much it can change how they feel and their outlook.

I’d love to hear a bit more about what challenges you’ve overcome and what changes you’ve achieved Kylie.

Congratulations, and thanks for sticking with it and allowing us to help you out in making your life a bit better. :)