URT Family Member Of The Week | URT

My favourite time of the week! URT Family Member Member Of The Week time!

This week’s member of the week is Marky Mark Tyrell. He is part of our Mansformation group training team.

This guy has impressed me to no end over the last 10 months.

Mark was referred by another member, and when we first had a chat I could tell he was super hesitant to sign up, asking many times about being able to leave whenever he wanted.

I didn’t think much more of it until down the track after he had been getting it done in our sessions for a few months, he confessed that he had joined plenty of gyms, tried many diets, given up many times but this was the first fitness related thing he had stuck to.

This was massively surprising given that his attendance has been literally the best out of anyone I train. He has had ONE session off in 10 months. I just wanted to share that because there is often time when he admits that he was CLOSE to not coming, close to rolling over and hitting the snooze button, close to going down that road to bad habits. But he hasn’t and that has been the biggest thing that has impressed me.

It’s not the fact that his strength has doubled, it hasn’t been that he has gained 4 kilos of muscle and dropped 9.5 kg of body fat, it’s his attitude.

Success in ANYTHING is 80% mental. It’s those 50/50 calls where you don’t feel like training today, those times where you say that you can have another scoop of ice-cream when you are trying to lose weight, those times where you head to the movies and even though you’ve had all your treats for the week you still get a pop corn and frozen coke.

Those are the little battles that will decide whether you succeed or fail, or take a whole lot longer to get where you want to go.

Anyone can have that success, it’s just building those good habits.

Congratulations Mark – you’re an inspiration for me and anyone who has trained alongside you. Your reward is interval training on the bike Friday! haha