Tamara was a quite and nearly shy person lacking a little in the way of self confidence , Tamara also signed up to my boxing classes.

Half way through Iron Rose not only my self but everyone else seen something amazing happening , that shy person that first walked into URT was no longer !! Tamara had gains and weight loss happen continuously, her strength went through the roof, her cardio improved , it was like she was reborn:) 

She has never ever missed a class of Iron Rose or Boxing her confidence in her self has grown , she has gained boxing skills , self defence skills and made friendships for life.

My confidence in Tamara is one of respect, in all my years of training I have never trained a person thats never ever misses a class , Tamara not only trains with us but she helps with the boxing warm ups every class getting people ready while I set up .

Tamara you are an Inspiration and nothing can stop you now !!

Ps poor help the person who try’s to steal your hand bag !!!

Keep up the awesome work !! We are all so lucky to know such a wonderful person x
You have become an Iron Rose guns of steel !


Tataina Stevens (Iron Rose Trainer)


What Tamara Had to Say

“Thank you for all your positive comments and yes, I am very proud of myself. I’m so glad that Tanya Flemingsuggested we give boxing a try and I got the opportunity to meet all the awesome people at URT. From the very first moment I was overwhelmed by the friendship and support offered by everyone and this gave me the confidence to start Iron Rose. Tataina Stevens, you have no idea how much you inspire me (especially now you no longer scare the shit out of me!) and bring out the best in me. To all the ladies I train with, thank you for your support and encouragement especially at the start when I was really struggling with my fitness but also for offering me your friendship and welcoming me into your circle. My life is now filled with such positivity and I love that I get to share the highs and lows with you guys. Thank you URT for allowing me to become part of your family and giving me the opportunity to grow on so many levels. This is just the start of my journey and you ain’t seen nothing yet!!!!!”