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We’ve all seen those killer before-and-after photos on Facebook, in magazines or on TV before, and thought quietly to yourself “yeah I can do that, I’ll start Monday”.

The ones where they make it look like it happened over a few short weeks or months.

I’m all for these if it helps motivate someone into getting off the couch and getting active, but before you get started on a health kick there’s a few things you should probably know so as to not give up after becoming delusioned and disappointed after the first few weeks.


1. First the crazier the transformations you see, either the crazier the diet and exercise program or the longer it took.

We’ve all seen the biggest loser. It’s a reality TV show right, so they have to make things amazing to watch, the saying ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’ rings true here.

Ask any tradie what the think of the renovation makeover shows as well to see what I mean.

One of the main problems with these shows is that the timeline portrayed for the weight loss is wildly unrealistic, stories have come out telling that these ‘weekly weigh ins’ where contestants lost 8+kg actually happen over a few weeks.

In real life with normal people who have a job, and a family to look after, the upper end of healthy weight loss would be around 1kg a week. The average is closer to 250g-500g a week. So don’t get disappointed at your steady weight loss.

There is a young girl at URT who has lost 25kg in 12 months! But… she was still disappointed in how slow it took! The problem is weight loss doesn’t happen in a linear fashion, you won’t lose weight every single week. Allanah lost a lot at the start, then hit plateaus along the way. In these cases it pays to have a supportive community environment and professionals to talk to throughout your journey.

Celebrate the wins and don’t compare yourself with other people.

Next, how many of the contestants actually keep the weight off? I can tell you a very small amount. This is due to the crazy crash diets these guys are subjected to. These kind of extreme diets not only crash the metabolism, but also prevent the contestants from ever actually creating healthy eating habits, causing them to think the only way to succeed in dropping those kilos is to live off salad and fresh air every meal.

I always tell people to have a think about this – if you can’t see yourself sticking to the program for at least 12 months then do you think it’s going to be easy to sustain?

You have to be able to make changes that are going to stick.

Some people can make a whole heap of changes at once, but others have different circumstances and can’t, that’s just the way it is. That doesn’t mean they are a failure, it just means that you try a different approach.


Try changing one habit at a time. Get that one to stick, then move onto the next one.

Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 11.56.29 AM

2. Next, it’s inevitable that you are going to lose motivation at times so this is where you need a really strong reason to succeed.

Most people aren’t like Forest Gump, they just don’t get up one day and decide to just keep running and not stop.

Find a deep reason to succeed and write it down.


3. This one might be a bit new-agey for all the guys out there but it’s super important.

The nastiest voices we hear are usually the ones inside our own heads. They tell us why we shouldn’t do something, or that we aren’t good enough, or to just give up.

You aren’t alone in this. So that’s why I think it’s important to –

Learn to love yourself first.

What I get all my new clients to do and would also recommend for you is to write down a list of 10 things you love about yourself (yes – 10) and then 10 things others love about you. You will be required to ask family and friends for this one.

Hearing what great things others think about you and also be reminded of how many good qualities that you have, on a piece of paper will really pick you up, as sometimes we forget how great we are.

Keep this list for yourself, and bring it out when you have a bad day instead of that block of Cadbury top deck.

Rhiannon Ryan Dress2


4. When you make any huge positive changes in your life, you are going to get resistance from plenty of unexpected places.

From your partner, asking why you are eating all that ‘healthy crap’ to your work colleagues telling you to just have a piece of cake for Denises birthday, to your family members telling you that it’s just a phase and you’ll give up soon.

You’d be surprised what people say to try bring you back down to their level.

Most of the time it’s not malicious, but it can be due to the fact that they would feel better of you just stayed the way you are, because if you succeed, it might make them look bad.

Be prepared for others trying to derail your success.

All you have to convey is that this is important to you and would appreciate their support. If the comments are coming from someone you don’t really care about then just use it as fuel to prove them wrong.


5. I briefly mentioned this above but it does warrant it’s own separate section.

As I said it’s ineveitable you are going to go through ups and downs in your motivation. There’s going to be those times when you want to skip training or even skip a couple of weeks. This is where

Having a supportive community around you is invaluable.

One of the things I am most proud of that we have at URT is the strong-as-steel bonds that the girls and guys have developed with each other in such a short amount of time.

Success breeds success and having motivated, supportive and passionate trainers leading the way is huge for us. This flows down into the groups and the weekly success stories that we share really provides a sense of self-belief for others which is so important.

One of the reasons people give up is a lack of belief, but when you see the success of others happening around you every day it make your know that you can do it as well.

Not to mention we just have a straight up awesome group of positive members here. See I used to believe getting people results was just about the right type of diet and exercise plan, but now I understand that this is only a small part. People come for the results but stay for the friendships that they forge.


6. Think about paying for a professional to help you reach your goals.

Like I said above, you’re going to hit plateaus, this is where a good coach can get you to the next level.

It’s easy to flog someone with hours of exercise daily and put them in a starvation diet to get quick results. The hard part is getting consistent results over a longer period and getting them to stick all while keeping the clients energy levels up and allowing them to have a life in the process.
If you have tried training at a bootcamp or by yourself before but given up, then maybe you just haven’t found the right place yet. I absolutely love what we have here at URT, with now over 200 members in less than a year, a lot of other people love it here too.

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