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Introduction & Philosophy

My journey to a healthy lifestyle and eating started 4 years ago when I was having major digestive issues and pains and found myself continually tired and lacking energy.

There was and still is a big disconnect between conventional medicine and what you put in your body.

That change led me to learn about healthy food and also pursue my studies as a nutritionist. I read about many diets and also tried many of them only to end up gaining back whatever weight I had lost and having massive food cravings especially for sugar! Three years ago I committed to eating whole real food, and creating a lifestyle for myself and letting go of the diet mentality. I no longer crave sugar, I eat healthy treats in small amount and I love everything I eat! This lifestyle to me means, buying organic as much as possible to reduce my exposure to genetically modified foods (GMO’s) and harmful pesticides, eating a minimal amount of packaged food and foods that have been chemically altered.

You can love and enjoy food!

I am also passionate about how you should love every piece of food that passes your lips. I feed my family this way always learning more about why we should eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and protein from quality sources. We now have have a large garden so we can grow as much of our own vegetables as possible which I am very excited about.

Balance and nutrition are key – NOT counting calories.

This lifestyle of eating whole organic real food works because we are feeding our bodies, high quality nutrient dense foods. When you receive and are digesting all the nutrients you need, you will crave less sweets, crave less food and feel satisfied. I do not believe in counting calories is overly necessary (although this method can be very helpful for under eaters)  , eating low fat or low/high carbs! Eating a balance of quality food is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and never feeling deprived. I have learned through education and my own experiences with food that low quality food is heavily processed, chemically altered or full of pesticides that can cause an array of health problems, the least of which is weight gain. Our bodies are not designed to handle all these toxins and our systems have to make adjustments to handle them, which causes stress on the body.

I often hear “well I have been eating like this for 30 or 40 or 60 years and I’m fine”! While that may appear true but it actually may be further from the truth. Our bodies are AMAZING and they can handle a massive amount of abuse for many years before manifesting into an illness, cancer or reduced longevity. As a society that’s at an all time high of obesity, cancer, heart disease, and many other health problems, it’s crucial we adapt our eating habits to limit the amount of chemicals, stress, pollution and radiation we expose to our bodies so that we can live longer, live happier, and live healthier!

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