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Bootcamps & Group Training


10-Week Health & Fitness Transformation Program (2)



Take the first step today towards overcoming any fears, self-doubt, or past excuses, and take action towards a healthier, happier, and fitter version of yourself.

This training program is be tailored for specifically beginners JUST LIKE YOU.
With this training program there is no getting thrown in the deep end, and no judgement from other members as everyone in the group is taking that first step just like you.
Group numbers are kept small to keep service extremely high and the camp is run INDOORS which works out well while it’s a bit darker and colder in the mornings and afternoons..
We invite you to take the first step towards a healthier life by clicking the orange button below and applying.
  • 3 x group training sessions per week tailored to beginners (exercise plan for outside sessions included)
  • Nutritional guide AND guidance to help speed up your results
  • Customised meal plans to help you get instant results
  • Private online support group for motivation
  • Regular check-ins and accountability to help keep you on track
  • Child Care Available for $5:00 per week up to 2 Children.
  • Multiple different styles of workouts – Strength – Cardio boxing + Circuits + Bootcamp Style Training so you never get bored.
  • Group numbers capped low to keep service at the highest quality possible
  • Unlimited high fives & guaranteed results
  • Combination of most effort and best result at the end of the 8 weeks will win $1000 worth of training and gift vouchers
  • Suitable for all ages who are beginners

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Unlimited Training Start Anytime!!



$44 for 14 Sessions 6 days /week join anytime!

Does this sound familiar?
You want to get fit so you join a gym and sign a 12 month contract.
You start off keen but working out on your own gets boring, not to mention intimidating, so you skip a session here and there.
One day you realise that you haven’t been for a workout for weeks but you are still paying like you are. You try to get out of the contract but there is no way the gym is budging, you’re stuck paying for something you aren’t using for the next 10 months.
At Ultimate Results Training we are changing the way fitness is done.
Used to big impersonal gyms where service is an after thought? You won’t find that here. Providing a great experience is our number 1 priority.
Looking for a place where the atmosphere is electric? Where it feels like a family?
Why pay $50 a week for a bootcamp where you only get 3 sessions a week?
Have the option to train EVERY day, morning or afternoon.
Get unlimited training with a Personal Trainer for $44 / week.

What’s included?
Unlimited Group Training (Boot camps, Metabolic Training, Hurricanes, Complexes, Circuits )
Weekly / Fortnightly  Weigh-in’s, Body Fat Testing & Fitness Progress Assessment available
Comprehensive Nutritional and Lifestyle Educational Booklet
Private Facebook Support Group
Free Access to In-House Seminars
*Do you want to upgrade your confidence, transform how you feel and also develop strength inside and out?
*Are you looking to get fit but don’t know where to start?
*Want to train with, and be a part of a supportive group of like-minded individuals with the same goals as you?
Improve your muscle tone, fitness and confidence through circuits, cardio boxing and bootcamp.
You will be provided with the option of up to 18 different training sessions per week, as well as the knowledge, skills and guidance to reach your health and fitness goals now and in the future.

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To apply you must fit the following criteria:
1. Looking to drop at least 5kgs
2. Live in the Townsville/ Kirwan/ Willlows areas
3. Be willing to change bad habits to get the results you have always wanted
4. Can train at either 5:20am , 9:30 am or 5:30pm
5. Are willing to invest $44 per week in your health for 10 weeks
6. Be willing to fill out regular check-up sheets so we can keep you accountable and hold you to a higher standard
7. Are able to dedicate 60 minutes at least 4-5 times per week to exercise
8. Are willing to listen, learn and apply what is suggested. (know it all’s need not apply)

IMPORTANT: Serious applications only. We are only looking for participants who are committed to taking action. .
Yesterday you said tomorrow, so seize this opportunity and take the first step towards finally reaching your health and fitness goals.

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