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I want to go through the the benefits of protein and also provide a couple recipes you can use to incorporate powder into your day as a delicious and healthy treat.

Just quickly here are a few benefits:

1. Getting in enough protein helps with toning muscles through allowing your muscles to rebuild after resistance exercise AND allows you to hold onto muscle while you are dieting.

When you diet and exercise with not enough protein your body will burn through muscle for fuel much easier which leaves people with no tone when they lose weight.

2. Protein ‘boosts your metabolism’ as your body needs to work hard to digest it compared to carbs and fats. So eating 100 calories of proteincompared to 100 calories of fats will mean your body burns around 25-35 calories just breaking it down , compared to 1 calorie for the fats you eat. Bottom line is a high protein diet is awesome for fat loss.

3. Protein keeps you feeling fuller – much fuller compared to eating carbs or fats. I noticed this hugely on days I don’t have much protein around. Eating a high carb meal will leave me feeling hungry soon after compared to a highprotein meal.


How much protein should you be getting in?

A minimum of 130g-150g of net protein for women and about 200g for men. This isn’t 130g of meat, I mean net protein. 100g of cooked chicken breast will yield 30g of net protein, and 1 egg is 6g of net protein, 1 serve ofpowder is around 20-25g of net protein. If you are unsure just check myfitnesspal for your totals on the macros page.

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And here are 3 great high protein delicious recipes.

4 ingredient protein ice cream! =>…/…/whey-protein-ice-cream-recipe.html

Almond and dark chocolate sugar free protein bars. =>…/almond-dark-chocolate-sugar-free-pr…

Peanut butter and jam protein cheesecake! =>…/peanut-butter-jelly-protein-cheesec…


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