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I really feel the main key to success with nutrition is to be honest with yourself. If you have something everyday it’s not a treat its part of your diet.

Its good to start slow and focus on getting maybe your breakfast right , but does not mean having junk food at all other meals. always try to make the best choices you can. go to places that offer clean treats and be proud that you have made the effort everyday.
Im a big believer in not starving yourself and “dieting” all the time but to focus more on eating well majority of the time and looking at the best treats I can , the healthiest options. there are some amazing clean treats out there that taste just as good as any marsbar

And finally use my fitness pal!! like anything knowing what you are eating and where you are going wrong is key to success as you know what you are doing wrong when you are not getting the results you want to get.

Here are some great tips and videos to show you how to use
My fitness Pal
Clean Eating Vs Flexible Dieting 
Exercise vs Nutrition 
MFP Setup 
MFP Tutorial 

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