URT Charity Bootcamp | URT

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to the URT Charity Boot- camp on Saturday to support Stepping Stone Baskets charity.

This Charity was started by one of our much-loved URT members Cherie Stroud.

Cherie is the definition of kind- hearted. She has overcome many hurdles in her life and has never let it keep her down instead dedicating her live helping those who have been let down or who have fallen on hard times.

Cherie has always opened her doors and her heart to anybody who is in need of help.

Her husband who attended the camp yesterday representing Stepping Stones Baskets gave a heart-felt speech as to what this charity was about and how much it meant to them. He asked, “ How many of the people who attended had ever moved out of home and had plenty of personal items to take with them? Raise your hands”. We all did. “How many of your who have moved out of home had plenty to take with you and always had a home to go back to if something went wrong”? We all raised our hands again..

He poignantly finished with “ steeping stones baskets is for those who cant raise their hands. It is for those who have no choice in their circumstances or who are fleeing a situation where they have no time to take anything with them and need to start again.

These baskets give back hope to people who feel like they have none left.

To everyone that donated thank you kindly for been a part of this great initiative and supporting this wonderful local charity.

If you would like to know more about this charity please check out their website www.steppingstonebaskets.com.au

Sometimes the small things you do can mean everything in another person’s life.

Here is a video of the charity camp we had a huge obstacle course that was put together by our trainer Damian and everyone had great morning.