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Consistency truly drives progress.

But I know how challenging it can be to stay the course – especially when it feels like we’re not making any because we just can’t see it yet!

Today I’m going to be addressing consistency in fitness.

If you have ever felt  like giving up because the scale isn’t budging or you just don’t feel like you’re moving fast enough, I am here to reassure you that you ARE making progress, and this is the critical point where you actually have to “believe to see.”

Did you ever see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? Indiana Jones is on a quest to find the Holy Grail with his dad, Dr. Jones, Sr. There’s a scene close to the end of the movie where he arrives on one side of a giant chasm and on the other side is the cave with the knight who guards the Grail.

He KNOWS there is supposed to be a bridge to take him across, but he can’t SEE it. It’s incredibly scary because below him is a giant abyss. He has this dialogue with himself where he says “this is impossible. no one could jump this.” He must take a step into emptiness without any empirical proof that he won’t fall. As he steps, the bridge appears.

He couldn’t see it to believe it, he had to believe it to see it.

I know it’s a funny example but sometimes in life you have to trust the process. Sometimes you have to BELIEVE in something enough to know that you WILL see it. Sometimes, we’re just looking for proof of change in the wrong place.

This is the time a lot of people want to give up. If you feel like not seeing results fast enough, it’s easy to self-sabotage and stop because we think it’s “not working.”

But this is the time to STICK WITH IT, BELIEVE in yourself, and practice CONSISTENCY.

Photo Feb 22, 15 18 30This is exactly why I talk about not using the scale as an indicator of your progress. The weight on the scale is not measuring your current hydration status, where you’re at in your monthly cycle, or your fat to muscle ratio. All of those things have an influence on your physical weight, and the number you see doesn’t really indicate what’s going on and what progress you’re actually making.

There is nothing wrong with weighing yourself – don’t feel like you can’t. But don’t judge all your progress on that number, or think it tells the whole story.

Taking body measurements is also great – but sometimes the changes don’t show as quickly as you want them to. If you are consistently exercising and consistently eating balanced nutrient dense foods (not being ridiculously strict with yourself mind you) you ARE making progress, there is no question.

Everyone’s body changes at a different rate, so don’t make the mistake of comparing your body with someone else’s. Where you start is unique to you – and many factors play into how quickly we see results. TRUST that your consistency is making a difference – because it is!

The most important thing you can do is stay on the path and trust the process. I know it can be hard to trust and believe, especially if you’re looking every day for a sign of change – but your body IS changing in response to what you are consistently doing.

3 Tips to Help You Reach Your Goals:

Get lots of sleep.

We can’t always get as MUCH sleep as we want to, but do try to get a couple nights a week where you can get good quality sleep and enough for yourself. Make this a focus as often as possible. Sleep really helps regulate your hormones, especially around appetite.

Stay well hydrated.

If you’re feeling thirsty, you’re probably already a little dehydrated. Being hydrated helps your metabolism and helps your body process food.

Bring a water bottle with you everywhere. You can also download the WaterMinder App to help remind you to stay consistent with drinking water throughout the day – I use it all the time.

Photo Oct 15, 22 38 34Be consistent with your eating habits.

If you’re too strict with your diet, you are setting yourself to binge after a couple weeks of restricted eating.

You are never cheating on yourself when you make a mindful choice. Life isn’t about being perfect – it’s about balance. Do the best you can each day and make the best choices for each situation.

There is a lot of value in following a plan and learning about the nutrients so that you can make great choices. This is not a quick fix or calorie counting – it’s about learning about your body and working to level up your lifestyle for the long term.

I promise you, when you combine proper nutrition with workouts, it’s unbelievable the results you can create!

Nutrition alone will help you live a healthier life, whereas exercise alone won’t get you the same results. Regular exercise IS a complement to your nutrition, but nutrition is the foundation of it all.

I want you to have an amazing year and I want you to think about CONSISTENCY this week as your positive focus.

You are changing. You are transforming.


Thank you for being a part of our Fit Fam!


Catherine & Kurt