10 Week Beginner Camp Winner June- August 2017 | URT



It is my great pleasure to announce the URT Family Member of the Week and Winner of the last 10 week round of the Beginners Challenge is the incorrigible Graeme Kerle.
Graeme’s wife Tiffany who had previously been with URT, and who had been working on him for some time to join her in the 1630 beginners finally had a win and got him to sign up for the last round.

When Graeme started he weighed almost 119kg, measured 122.5cm around the belly button and 113cm around the Kim Kardashian’s. His diet could best be described as the meat pie, chips and coke diet. So inspired and maybe a little intimidated by Tiffany and her previous success Graeme was coaxed into starting his health and fitness journey. Incorporating the 3 sessions a week at URT as well as additional walks on non training days, Graeme got stuck into the task at hand. It hasn’t been easy, as Graeme is inhibited by a number of long term lower limb injuries which many would use as an excuse not to exercise.
Graeme has worked through these injuries, seeking alternate exercises determined not to let them prevent him achieve his goal.

The other great change Graeme has succeeded with is changing his eating habits, so it’s out with the meat pie and chips, and in with the salad and tuna, the effects of good nutrition has had such an effect on Graeme, he declared to me on Tuesday that he might even start tracking his calories this round to see what that does.

Anyone that has been in 1630 group with Graeme knows what a great asset he is in any session. With the heart of a lion and the roar to compliment he can always be depended on to give some rousing support to jeer up a bit of enthusiasm in the session when the others are starting to lag.

All the great work has paid off big time, at final weigh in an measure Graeme had dropped 10.5kg to 108.3kg, his belly button measure also dropped over 10cm to 112 and has dropped the KK 5cm to 108cm.

Well done Graeme on a sterling effort and an amazing result