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URT is Townsville’s Premier Boutique fitness studio offering personal training, Bootcamp’s, Beginner Camps, teen Fitness camps, Special Needs Programs, Mums Group Fitness classes, Kids fit club and many other services to help you get stronger and live a healthier happier life. Our trainers are passionate, knowledgeable and ready to help!

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URT Family Member Of The Week

** URT Family Member OF The Week** This week’s Family of the week is an incredible inspiring individual and someone who has become a very good friend to myself and all she meets at the gym . Anyone who uses creche or attends the morning mums classes or just if... read more

Add Some Spice To Your Life!!

Herbs and spices are great for livening up a meal, but did you know that they also have some really amazing health benefits? I love experimenting with different flavours and herbs and spices can make even a simple meal taste amazing. Investing in a decent variety of... read more
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